wysa-indoorsThings went from wet to wonderful this weekend when Indiana Soccer stepped in to host the WYSA Rec Soccer program at the Grand Park Events Center.

Despite forecasts for less than an inch of rain and plans to play all games outside this weekend, the skies opened and forced grass fields to close. Plans were made to move the older kids to the turf fields, but the U8s and under had no place to play. Their fields were under water and weren’t going to drain quickly enough for a Sunday reschedule.

Enter Indiana Soccer, who graciously offered to sponsor games on the new indoor turf fields at the Grand Park Events Center. Schedules were reworked to bring the kids inside, many for doubleheaders to cover the whole weekend schedule. Parents were flexible enough to rework their Sunday schedules and bring the kids to the Events Center, where the turf fields were full of the sounds of soccer.

So often, it’s easy to become focused on the competitive side of the sport we all love. It’s easy to take our facility for granted, with its expanse of grass and turf space. Sunday was a powerful reminder of what it’s all about – making sure 5- to 8-year-olds in brightly colored jerseys had a chance to play soccer, without worrying about rain or wind or muddy messes on the field. We received lots of positive feedback about the Events Center, as well as good reviews for Jonathan Byrd’s Restaurant and The Nest Bar & Grille. (Try the meatloaf at the restaurant and the shrimp stir-fry at The Nest. Both received five stars from hungry customers.)

Again, we need to thank the generous folks at Indiana Soccer, who made this day possible. Thanks also to Indiana Sports Properties and the Brightview Group, who helped with the logistical tasks of making this work and putting down lines for the little fields. Finally, thanks to all of the parents and families who participated. Sunday was what youth soccer is all about.

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